HouseManage™ your perfect property partner to help you grow and maintain your property portfolio. With our expertise in Bexley & London property management, you will be sure to have a hassle-free time as a landlord

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HouseManage™ your perfect property partner to help you grow and maintain your property portfolio. With our expertise in Bexley & London property management, you will be sure to have a hassle-free time as a landlord

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We are Trusted Experts in Property Management Bexley

We are Bexley’s one-stop shop for all services related to property management.  With over 20 years in UK Real Estate, We deal in all aspects from block management, property management, and HMO management in Bexley with guaranteed rent.  With our team of pros we are able to deal with property leasing and converting your residentilal home with our HMO conversion specialists – guiding you through every step of the way.

Bexley Property Management

Bexley Property Management

Whether your property or block contains several flats or numerous houses. Our Property Management Bexley team works with each of our clients to provide tailored service. Our business has continually expanded in various cities of the UK and we have great experience and knowledge in property management. We deal in various sectors such as Property managementHMO, and Block Management.

Guaranteed Rent Scheme

Most of the Landlords face rent collection problems from spam tenants.

HouseManageTM offers guaranteed rent from tenants. Our guaranteed rent management service has swiftly become the preferred renting option for most landlords. We also include the following services such as:-

  • No void periods
  • No Commissions or setup fee
  • Flexible leases up to 5 years
  • Photography inventory

Moreover, we also deal with insurance claims and provide advice on legislation and ensuring legal compliance. The HouseManageTM skilled Management team ensures hassle-free, efficient, and professional services. We will also organise and negotiate the end of tenancy claims and returns. For more information regarding Property Management services in Bexley, you can contact us freely.

Property Management London

HMO Management in Bexley:

If you are not getting valuable tenants for your HMOs or don’t have time to deal with them. House manage offer the leasing property management in Bexly With this, we ensure a high level of communication throughout the management by meeting the landlords and tenants to discuss the needs of both parties. We offer various services that manage your HMO in Bexley.

  • Reduce the cost of management
  • Transfer Utilities and Payments of Bills Service
  • Guaranteed Rent Collection
  • Deals in Insurance Claims
  • 24 Hours Emergency service

Property Management in Bexley:

HouseManageTM is one of the leading Property Management Company in Bexley. We have a detailed understanding of complex laws and technical issues involved in building construction and property maintenance. We deal in various property management services like:

  • Keyholding
  • Deposit collection and holding
  • Regular inspection
  • Maintenance and Management services
  • Pre-tenancy visits and preparations.

Why choose the House Manage™ team

Rent Your Property In Less Time

Our experienced team will rent your vacant bexley property in as quick as 7 days.  This includes our stringent tenant vetting process.

Secure And Safe Data

With us, your personal and property-related data will remain safe and secure in the cloud using the same encriptions used by banks.

Work and Live Anywhere

We provide end-to-end bexley property management services. Our team covers almost all regions of bexley – you are no longer tied to living close to your investment property.

Want to Compare Managing Agents in Bexley?

No need to compare agents in bexley as we constantly price check to ensure we stay competitive and you pay the lowest price for property management in bexley

Powerful Management - Rent Collection in bexley

We also offers debt collecting of lease holders, So if they did not pay, We chase them and take legal action if needed. we become your property debt collectors in bexley

Stress Free Management

With years of experience in property management, we build strong relationships with our clients to ensure the best service instantly with guaranteed rent in bexley.

HMO Management

Bexley HMO Management

We are known as the leading HMO (House of Multiple Occupations) management company in London, Nottingham and Surrey.  With the 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge, we are managing everything from tenant sourcing, rent collection, maintenance, and much more.


We handle all tenant enquiries from boiler breakdowns to tenants being locked out.  On average we handle around 64 corresondence per year per tenant – thats 64 messages, text and phone call you will not have to deal with thanks to the House Manage eam.

Stress-Free Tenants

We do not just place any tenant within your property, we make sure the tenants we place within the property have been vetted and pass our stringent referencing checks.  This ensure you get a reliable, responsible tenant who will look after your property as if it were their own. 

Block Management

Bexley Block Management

We are a team of experts who car only the highest level and most professional block management in London. We focus on managing the communal areas of residential properties. We focus on a professional approach and work with dedication and trusted team of contractors. Not only maintenance and management, but we also deal with legislation and household matters for our clients.

Hassel Free Cleaning and Cheap Insurance

We manage the block like cleaning windows chasing debts cleaning communal areas gardening and also finding the cheapest quotes for insurance every year so they always pay the best price possible.

Document Safety

We keep all certificates and legal docs in Google cloud safe and secure. Never lose or misplace any document and we have them whenever you need.

How our lease options option works

Before and After a Hmo conversion on a croydon flat with guaranteed rent option

£900 per month

£2500 per month

Download our case study to see how Ms. Khan Benefited from our HMO Conversion,
Management and Guaranteed Rent

Residential Property Management and maintenance

We not only offers property management but sort out maintenance work window cleaners, carpet cleaners, handling leaks and repairs etc.

Residential Property

Tenant Sourcing


Tenant sourcing or let only service is ideal if you are simply looking for an agent to find you the best possible tenant but wish to manage the property yourself.  Our team is here to give you total peace of mind you have the right tenant for your property.

Guaranted Rent


Envisage your property prayers answered. Having total certainty about your returns and your rent Guaranteed every single month. No voids, even when the property is empty. We do the hard work so you don’t have to, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Property Management


We will act as the main point of contact for the tenant if you choose our Full Manage package and we will action any required repairs and maintenance services at the property in a cost-effective and efficient manner.  Leaving you stress-free.

Property Maintenance

We provide 24/7 maintenance and repair service for your rental property. Our contractors are skilled at performing maintenance tasks of any kind, and we have strong relationships with our vendors to ensure that you get the best service and prices for any maintenance work done. 

1,000+ People Love us

All our London, Surrey and Nottingham Property Management services comes with our full dedicated support. This means you will never have to deal with tenant quires, contractors with maintenance and repairs – we handle this for you*

Bexley Property Management Pricing & Plans

Our property management in London and Outer London Ranges from £75 – £249, If you have an HMO and are looking for HMO Management this price starts from £49 per room..


Tenant Find

From £279

Marketing, Viewings, Referencing, Tenancy Agreement, Deposit Protection.



From £79

Price depends on the size of the property and the amounts of rooms


Imagery / Plans

From £79

Professional Photography of the property, Professional virtual viewing recorded, 3d layouts, Floor plans



From £59 per cert

Boiler, EPC, EICR, PAT, , Emergency Lighting, Fire extinguisher and Fire Alarm



Only 5%

Handling enquiries, repair request, property inspections, PAT test arrange, Boiler test arrange, Boiler, EPC, EICR, PAT, , Emergency Lighting, Fire extinguisher and Fire Alarm.



Only 4.5%

Handling enquiries, repair request, property inspections, PAT test arrange, Boiler test arrange, Boiler, EPC, EICR, PAT, , Emergency Lighting, Fire extinguisher and Fire Alarm.
discounted if paid annully

1 Year Contract

Full Block Management

From £49 per unit

Entire Estate Management

2-5 Year Contract

Full Block Management

From £39 per Unit

Entire Estate Management



From £69 per hour

From hanging shelves, building furniture to gardening and jet wash cleaning we have a team of experts


Gas / Electric

From £89 per hour

Leaks, boiler breakdowns and electrical repairs we have a team of experts


Painting & Decorating

From £209 per room

A new coat of paint, filling holes and repairing woodwork we have a team of experts

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HouseManage™ manages properties with exclusive services include block-management, residential property, and much more. We believe in offering guaranteed rent as we value our client’s investment. In addition, we offer investment and full lease options for converting residential units to HMOs.

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