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HMO Management London, Surrey, Nottingham

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Trusted Experts in HMO Management in London

House Manage converts residential houses into HMO’s in order to get the highest possible yield for our clients.  We manage, we market and we get results.  With clients monthly returns averaging over 2x the local estate agents evaluation to date.

HouseManage™ HMO Management​

HouseManage™ HMO Management​

HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) is essentially a house shared by two or more persons who are not related to each other, with separate rent management. Each tenant in the house will have their own contract and pay their rent independently.

HMO’s need extra care and attention to ensure potential tenancy and ROI (Return on investment). A landlord has to meet safety and council demands with extensive regulations for safety purposes.

We can find an increase in the number of government regulations that must be adhered to in order to render  HMO property safe for tenant occupation. Managing  HMO property needs a lot of time compared to a standard property, and the benefits are also for the long-term. We are a leading HMO property management services, provider in London and Nottingham in every aspect from setting and marketing to managing it in the long term.

We are passionate about our work and believe in providing you the best services. We provide managed HMO services with fine details. If you are a first-time investor looking for HMO Management Services London and Nottingham we are here to welcome you with our exclusive services.

We are continuously available to provide you the most up-to-date support and advice regarding legislation. Here, we will discuss some of the most important aspects of HMO regulatory safety services we include:-

Fire Safety

Safety measures are always considered by us at the property. We are here to access fire risk by doing the Fire Risk Assessment periodically and maintain records in a Fire Log. In our visits, we test the Smoke Detection System, Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm, Fire doors, Fire blankets, and Fire extinguishers.

Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is also a major aspect. It is necessary to ensure that tenants are not using their own portable appliances without PAT (Portable Appliance Test) Tests.

Property Licensing

With HMO property management services in London, we offer Property Licensing services for setting up your HMO services correctly. Our property licensing service include:-

  • A free telephone
  • Provide your required license for your property through our services.
  • We will check your property conforms regarding Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm  Regulations 2015, so that you don’t have to pay penalty fines.
  • Constant guidance for the documentation process you need to provide.
  • Provide you fire safety precaution services and procedures.
  • Proper advice and guidance in every aspect during the license application process.


With House Manage, our HMO management fees are simple.  It will follow the same prices as our fixed management fee.
As most HMO room-lets range from £300-£800  All HMO management fees between this price would be £49 per room with a minimum of 3 rooms.

Property Management London

Our Property Management Pricing & Plans

Our property management in London and Outer London Ranges from £75 – £249, If you have an HMO and are looking for HMO Management this price starts from £49 per room..

  • Rental Services
  • Residential Management
  • Block Management
  • Maintenance Plans


Tenant Find

From £279

Marketing, Viewings, Referencing, Tenancy Agreement, Deposit Protection.



From £79

Price depends on the size of the property and the amounts of rooms


Imagery / Plans

From £79

Professional Photography of the property, Professional virtual viewing recorded, 3d layouts, Floor plans



From £59 per cert

Boiler, EPC, EICR, PAT, , Emergency Lighting, Fire extinguisher and Fire Alarm



Only 5%

Handling enquiries, repair request, property inspections, PAT test arrange, Boiler test arrange, Boiler, EPC, EICR, PAT, , Emergency Lighting, Fire extinguisher and Fire Alarm.



Only 4.5%

Handling enquiries, repair request, property inspections, PAT test arrange, Boiler test arrange, Boiler, EPC, EICR, PAT, , Emergency Lighting, Fire extinguisher and Fire Alarm.
discounted if paid annully

1 Year Contract

Full Block Management

From £49 per unit

Entire Estate Management

2-5 Year Contract

Full Block Management

From £39 per Unit

Entire Estate Management



From £69 per hour

From hanging shelves, building furniture to gardening and jet wash cleaning we have a team of experts


Gas / Electric

From £89 per hour

Leaks, boiler breakdowns and electrical repairs we have a team of experts


Painting & Decorating

From £209 per room

A new coat of paint, filling holes and repairing woodwork we have a team of experts

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