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Guaranteed Rent At HouseManage™


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Guaranteed Rent At HouseManage™


Maintenance and repairs are necessary for all guaranteed rental properties in order to keep them in a good condition. With our guaranteed Rent Plus Fixes Package you will get repair and maintenance service by us for your property which will give you peace of mind. We believe in providing quality services to the highest standards.

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Step 1

We evaluate your property

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Step 2

We agree on a guaranteed rental price and you decided whether you would like us to add “fixes” to your plan

* with fixes we carry out and PAY for all repairs within the property

rent guarantee scheme

Step 3

You hand over the keys and begin getting guaranteed rent from day 1.

Our experienced property management team corporate you with the best services. They know tenants’ requirements and how to maximize the rent of your property. Firstly, we evaluate your property and then guide you about its repair and maintenance that is necessary to improve your property. On your demand and approval, we make all those necessary changes that are required to make good money from that property.

In our Guaranteed Rent Plus Fixes package, if the tenant is facing issues regarding heating and hot water in your rental property, they can simply contact our team and we will resolve these issues by visiting your property and make necessary arrangements or repairs. You will never hear these types of issues and late-night calls from tenants complaining about any problem regarding leaks and blockage on your property. All these issues are heard by us and resolve by our team itself without any delay. Our team will constantly get in touch with them to ensure all issues are resolved.

The Guaranteed Rent Plus Fixes Package is for landlords who want HMO service. HouseManageTM as an HMO service provider arranges and supervises all maintenance and repairs with rent collection and resolves all issues related to your property with the tenant to keep you relax. We have professional contractors who offer high-standard services at reasonable rates. You never have to pay more to us than you pay for maintenance and repairs.


We have designed our services to be very competitive.  We know property management costs should not put a strain on the landlord.
So with our very simple and transparent pricing, we have solved this.


Starting From £239

Tenant sourcing or let only service is ideal if you are simply looking for an agent to find you the best possible tenant but wish to manage the property yourself.  Our team is here to give you total peace of mind.
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Starting From £75

We will act as the main point of contact for the tenant if you choose our Full Manage package.  We action any required repairs and maintenance at the property in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

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Having total certainty about your returns and your rent Guaranteed every single month. No voids, even when the property is empty. We do the hard work so you don’t have to, giving you absolute peace of mind.

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