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How HouseManage™ Guaranteed Rent Works

We guarantee your rent in 3 simple steps. First, we carry out an assessment (this sometimes can be done remotely). Second, we agree on a guaranteed rent (usually more than the LHA rate). Third, we sign the agreed contract between 2-5 years and you will receive your 1st of 24-60 monthly payments.

Once we guarantee the rent on your property all the following applies:

Hassle-Free & All-Repairing

All properties we take on will get an assessment. In this assessment, we will point out issues or repairs we will look to get resolved. We also consider derelict properties and new builds – monthly guaranteed rent will vary depending upon the size and current condition of the property.

Why should you guarantee your rent with HouseManage™

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Frequently asked questions

The amount you receive will depend on the type of property and its current condition – a rule of thumb is we usually offer more than the LHA rate.

From start to finish the process usually takes between 5-12 days.  This includes assessment, negotiations on a monthly amount, and the signing of the contracts. 

We guarantee rent between 2-5 years

We cover London, Surrey, and Nottingham.

The average time for your first payment is 8 days this can vary between 3-14 days.

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