5 Tips To Find Good Property Tenants
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5 Tips To Find Good Property Tenants

For those of you who have more than one property, of course, this will be an advantage for you. Because, apart from being able to be used as a future investment asset, you can also use a house to gain fixed income as long as it can be rented out. However, how do you find good tenants to live on your property?

Before renting out a house, you have to be smart in finding the right tenant. Here at HouseManage we often have a list of would-be tenants for your rental property. Well, here are some tricks that you can use to attract tenants easily.

1. Quality Properties

A good quality property will then attract better tenants. Therefore, the better the property you have, the more you can easily determine the quality standards of the tenants you want.

Several things that can improve the quality of property include being close to public transportation facilities, hospitals, schools, universities, and office areas. Properties that have these things are generally in great demand by professionals. Especially if it is added with cleanliness, tidiness and qualified services and facilities, such as Wifi and Cable TV.

2. Appearance

To get good tenants, the appearance of the property must also be good. Therefore, use good photos to market it. If you have trouble, you can use the services of a professional photographer to get good photos.

It feels better if you also display a floor plan when marketing your property. This is because the building plan has become one of the standards for national property owners to be able to increase the number of requests. However, the best property management company London helps you to market the property professionally in a better way.

3. Demonstrate excellence

To be able to increase the number of requests, you must highlight the advantages of the property you have. Make an open house at night or on weekends to increase the potential to get quality tenants.

Because by doing an open house, you can accompany the prospective tenant to see the property that you rent directly, so you can find out if the prospective tenant is really interested or not in your property. 

You can hire a property manager to maintain your property, find tenants, collect rent, and handle legal work. It will also help you to keep yourself stress-free from the loss of vacant property.

4. Allow to keep animals

To increase the demand for rental properties, you can do simple things, such as allowing tenants to raise animals. Because in general, owners who have pets will stay longer. This is because not all property owners allow their tenants to keep animals or pets on their rental properties.

A property manager can suggest more ideas to attract tenants after evaluating your property.

5. Doing ads in the right places

To get good tenants, you can do this by avoiding advertising in places where potential tenants are unknown. Therefore, you should advertise your property on professional sites in order to get good-quality prospective tenants. Moreover, hiring a property management London services can help you in advertising your property and fill it with potential tenants as soon as possible. Various property management companies such as House Manage not only help you in finding good tenants but also offer guaranteed rent schemes for your rental properties. It simply means you will get guaranteed rent whether your property has tenants or not.

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Just invested in a couple of buy-to-lets but don’t have lots of time on your hands and wondering how to find tenants for your rental properties? Then do get in touch with the team here at HouseManage. We provide our landlords best service – Guaranteed Rent scheme, as well as first-class HMO management, making us the most acceptable place to find tenants. For more information regarding rental property management, property management services, HMO conversion, fees, etc, you can contact us freely.

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