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How Keyless Entry Systems Can Aid in the Efficient Management of Properties?

Landlords should make advantage of any and all resources available to them in order to efficiently organize and manage their properties. Landlords have an obligation to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their tenants.

Data on burglary rates shows that tenants are more likely to be victims than homeowners and that the average cost of burglary losses is more than $2,500. So, how can managers of rental properties make their buildings safer for their tenants?

Keep reading to learn useful information that will help you better organize and protect your properties. In this piece, we’ll look at how keyless entry systems can benefit property managers and how they can ultimately lead to happier tenants.

The property management advantages of keyless entry systems

Although access control is primarily used for security purposes, it can also serve other purposes. In this section, we’ll talk about the benefits of putting in place a keyless entry system that talks to your property management software.

Improved Safety

Door lock systems that require a keyless access card to allow entry can help prevent unwanted entry. It’s important to replace any physical locks on your building with digital or biometric alternatives. With keyless entry, a paper trail is created because the system records which devices and cards were used to enter the premises. A lost or stolen access card can be turned off from a distance to stop it from being used again.

Simpler Access for Renters

Tenants will appreciate the convenience of a keyless entry system that only requires a mobile device or access code to enter the property. Tenants can experience a tremendous amount of worry if they lose their physical keys and find themselves stranded outside the building late at night without a way to go inside. This is a fantastic method to ensure the security of your tenants.

Resolution Of Incidents More Rapidly

By coupling the video camera feed with an access system, you may observe the access card used as well as a video of the individual entering the facility to identify how access was misused and then notify law enforcement or take the required steps to rectify the issue. If you can immediately handle such situations, your tenants will feel less insecure and safer in their homes.

Property Management’s Integrated Features

Want to get the most out of whatever property management company system you install? The access system can serve as a foundation for additional features that will improve the property’s management efficiency. In this part, we’ll talk about some of the good things you can add to your system.

Occupancy Administration

Using occupancy management software in conjunction with access control, you can determine how many individuals are inside a property. This will be useful during an emergency evacuation of the building, allowing you to determine the actual number of individuals inside. It can also help you determine which of your facility’s facilities are the most popular and which are unnecessary and could be replaced with something else.

Amenity Reserving

Booking amenities is an excellent method to guarantee that your property provides renters with health and safety measures. You can set a limit on how many renters can be in the gym or pool area at once. This way, they can book half-hour time blocks to use the amenities in a safer way.

Video Management

Video management is vital for the safety of a building. It allows you to see who is entering, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access. It puts information about access and video feed on a single screen, making it easier for your security staff to use.

Does Access Control Pose Any Disadvantages?

Cost is the primary disadvantage associated with access control. However, this fear can be mitigated by considering the value-added security your facility provides through its residents’ comfort. It is a good investment because it could save time for property managers who have to replace keys and deal with security problems.

Wrap up!

If the safety of your renters is important to you, you may wish to install building access control. You will design your security and manage your facilities more efficiently, making your buildings safer and more livable. Think about adding integrations to your system to help people get the most out of the building’s facilities.

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