How Property Management Companies Get Your Home Ready for Letting?
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How Property Management Companies Get Your Home Ready for Letting?

Before deciding to let your home, you need to make sure it is perfectly ready to be the best rental property in London. When it comes to tenant viewing, you should ensure it creates a good impression.

Generally, people hire property management companies to save their time, and efforts and to get a valuable return on investment, etc. Some property management companies help landlords with guaranteed rent for a number of years. Their experience in this field helps landlords to handle all the responsibilities.

Complete structural repairs

Property managers do the structural repair before putting the house on the rental market on their own. He will be responsible for all repair and maintenance work such as repainting flaking areas, fixing windows, treating any dampness, and ensuring all fixtures and fittings work perfectly.

De-personalise the decor

De-personalise is the most important step because it gives a finishing touch to the overall property. When you prepare your home for letting it will be best to have neutral light and no personal decor because everyone’s choice is different. It will not only be useful for tenants but it will also be easier for you to spot any damage especially when it comes to tenants moving out. 

Give the property a thorough clean

The most essential step is cleaning your rental property from top to bottom while preparing to let out your property. You want to set high standards so that the tenant can commit to keeping your property in the same condition they took it in.

Complete a gas safety check

As a landlord and property manager, it is necessary for you to complete a yearly gas safety check. It is important for safety purposes. As a landlord or property manager, you also need to inspect gas appliances of your property that including cookers, fires, boilers, cookers, and fires. 

Get an Energy Performance Certificate 

It is essential to provide the tenant with a copy of the agreement. You should contact an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor to get an energy rating certificate from A to G.

Prepare information for the tenant

As a landlord or property manager, you need to prepare an information list for the tenant. For example:- How to use certain appliances, entry instructions, etc.  You need to prepare all this in advance to keep yourself hassle-free from answering questions when tenants move in.

Which Property and Rental Management service for landlords is best?

HouseManage property and rental management company in London for landlords do everything for you from the start. It simply means they will help you in finding the tenant, completing the legalities, collecting the rent, handing over the keys, and even maintaining and repairing your property. Their main focus is to provide our landlord’s rent guarantee to ensure you get the return on investment. In addition, HouseManage also focuses on making sure that none of the rental payments are delayed.

So, if you are looking for a property management company that can manage your property in each and every aspect from finding tenants to rent collection or to help you with finding the right tenants and getting a potential return on investment.

Why choose HouseManage?

Our services are affordable, reliable, and offered through a team of experienced property managers who are always there to keep you hassle-free from property management-related responsibilities.

If you own a property in the inner or outer boroughs of London, Nottingham, Sutton, Bexley, or in the city of Croydon, contact us to let your property and start earning a good return on investment under our guaranteed rent scheme immediately at just a fraction of the cost. Connect with us now to know more about our services in detail!

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