Is hiring a property management company profitable?
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Is Hiring A Property Management Company Profitable?

It’s an important question that a landlord should know. Some landlords manage their properties on their own. They have sufficient time and experience to handle all the responsibilities of managing property effectively. But the fact is that many property owners are there who don’t have experience and enough time to manage all the responsibilities. For those who don’t have enough knowledge and experience of renting a property, and also for those who do not have the time, there is the perfect option of hiring a property management company.

But you may be wondering that is hiring a property management company is the right decision for you? Don’t worry! In this article, we will discuss all pros and cons of hiring a property management company in London so that you can easily decide whether hiring them is a good option for you or not. So, let’s get started:- 

Pros of Hiring a Property Management Company

Legal Jargon

A property management company keeps itself up-to-date on the legal requirements of both the landlords and the tenants. They can take full control of the legal affairs and deal with contracts, agreements, taxes, and much more. Legal help and guidance are beneficial for landlords because they may not have knowledge of code and conducts and legal formalities. Therefore, by hiring a property management company you can feel relax that you are legally safe and working according to code and conduct.

Vendor Connections

A good property manager has a list of vendors for various property management services. They do scanning for finding affordable, reliable, and available vendors for emergency and other basic repairing services. They ensure their quality of work should be of a high standard. These vendors might even have a deal with the property managers that offer services at discounts. In this way, you will get the best services at an affordable price for your property.


If you are hiring a property management company. You should be relaxed because your property manager will take full control of tenants. From sourcing new tenants, creating their agreements, getting their references, and screening potential tenants. By hiring a property manager you are free from finding new tenants. The property manager will also do marketing to finding you a desirable tenant, quickly and efficiently.


Property managers are aware of the rental market and change rental prices if it’s not according to the market rental rates. Property managers first assess the current market and find a reasonable and achievable rental price to keep your property competitive and profitable. He is responsible for collecting potential rent on time. In this way, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming elements of being a landlord and save time by doing more important things in life.

Cons of Hiring Property Management Company


People find a disadvantage that comes with a property management company is their management fee. Of course, their service is not free. Property manager costs are like an investment you do for your property management to earn more profit or return on investment from it. Various property management companies, London charge the first month’s rent from the landlord and then each month cut 8 to 10% cut of the rent they collect from the tenants. On the other hand, some companies charge simply basic fees.  If this fee is affordable for you then you can avail of their effective and professional management services.

Loss of Control

Additionally, by hiring property management services you will release a lot of control to your property manager. However, you can negotiate how much power you want to give them. Also, a company that is managing various properties at a time cannot give the same attention and time as you can. This is what you can discuss before hiring a property manager for your property.


It is obvious from all of the pros outweigh the cons. Now you should think, do the pros actually benefit you or you can afford a property manager or not. For any information, regarding property management, you can contact us freely. Also, if you are interested in hiring the best property management company in London you can check our fee page for packages and services HouseManage offers.

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