Property Management: All You Need To Know
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Property Management: All You Need To Know

Rental property management is something that may always come to your mind if you are a landlord or real estate investor. Because at this point, they need to decide whether they can manage that particular property on their own or need a property management company, London services. It is one of the big decisions you need to take for your property.

 What do property managers do?

A property manager’s duty is to well maintain and manage your property. In addition,  they adhere to health and safety regulations and follow other legislation procedures.

You can hire a property manager for your property from a local and respected letting agency.

• An agency whose property managers are organized, reputed, and well experienced.

• Having communication skills

• Having a calm personality with the market knowledge

How do property management fees work

If you’re hiring a property manager to look after your property, the management fees you’ll pay will vary from company to company and from service to service. Firstly, you need to find the difference between the fees charged by an experienced and reputed property management company and a letting agent. Secondly, the fee depends on the services they offer to you.

Basically, some Letting agents generally offer three basic things of property management:

• Tenant-find only

• Rent collection

• Full management

In the case of tenant find, the property manager will usually find you a tenant, collect deposits and also draw up a tenancy agreement. Rent collection means your property manager on behalf of you collects rent from the tenants.

A full property management service means letting the agent or property manager look after your property completely from repairing and maintenance issues handling to manage legal procedures regarding property and tenants. In addition, a full management service provider will charge you some percentage of the monthly rent as their fee. It can be between 10% to 20%.

About Property management agreements in the UK

A property management agreement in the UK between a landlord and property manager is similar to a tenancy agreement between a landlord and a tenant. If you want to hire a property manager, you need to bind a contract that includes what you expect from the property management company, London and what services they agree to provide you for your property at what charge. This agreement will also include the timescales of the agreement. The agreement is essential if you are hiring a property manager for your rental property to avoid future disputes. It’s a document that is better than a verbal agreement.

What makes a successful property manager?

If you want to become a property manager, or you’re a landlord looking to hire one, here are our top-10 tips you should consider.

1. Treat your properties as a business

If you work on a property as if it is yours then you will prove as the best property manager for HMO, block management, etc. In this way, you will automatically lie in an organized and systematic process.

When it comes to maintenance do negotiation and trades when you need to call on at short notice for fixing repair and maintenance issues quickly. In short, you need to keep tenants happy with your services.

2. Do screening in the right way and good things will follow

Most landlords do the biggest mistake of self-managing property by letting the wrong tenant into their rental property. It can lead to major cash flow problems,  court orders, potential evictions, and lots of expenses. So, getting the right tenants by screening them with experience in the right way is necessary.

3. Treat tenants as you’d like to be treated

You need to maintain positive relations with your tenants. Never end up because you fail to build up amazing relationships with the people in their rental properties. Never make a negative impact on the personal feelings of tenants.


Property management is not an easy task. You need an experienced property manager who can effectively manage your property and be able to create a potential return on investment. For more information, you can contact HouseManage freely.

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