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Should property owners invest in commercial real estate in 2022?

There is still evidence that the epidemic has had lasting repercussions on the housing market. Even though some commercial real estate markets are on the mend and expecting growth in 2022, others continue to struggle and see no signs of improvement.

Planning to put money into commercial real estate in 2022? Keep reading to find out what areas of commercial real estate are promising this year, and how low-demand buildings are being used in new ways to adapt to the market’s shifting preferences.

Tendencies and Predictions for the Commercial Real Estate Market in 2022

This article will examine the many areas of real estate, assessing whether or not these commercial real estate categories will be a good investment in 2022, to provide you with a comprehensive view of the commercial property landscape in the following year.

Office Real Estate

According to the Mercer survey, 70% of companies intend to use some kind of hybrid work paradigm. Both the potential and the practicality of hybrid and remote work have been brought to light by the pandemic.

As people are starting to work in more flexible ways, there is less demand for commercial property. As a result of the rise of the hybrid workforce, businesses are either cutting the number of employees they have or using flexible office space. Since businesses now require less floor space to meet their needs, the office real estate market is expected to suffer significant losses in the coming years.

Multiple Family Real Estate

A noticeable uptick in the multifamily real estate market has occurred since the pandemic, and this trend is expected to persist through 2022. Strong expansion and few job openings are typical for this industry.  The year 2022 sees the continuation of some 2020 trends. Tenants aren’t as concerned with being in close proximity to the business because of trends like the rise of remote work. That’s why it’s no surprise that rental flats in some areas are seeing a surge in demand. 

To help you decide whether or not a given piece of real estate is worth investing in, here are some criteria to consider:

Choose places where the population is expanding rapidly. The rising demand for housing caused by a growing population suggests that this location is a solid bet for investors looking to buy a rental property. Your investment property will always have the potential to be sold for a profit.

Choose places where the economy is expanding. A prosperous economy and a secure job market provide locals with more say over where they live while also enticing people from other places to relocate there for better work prospects.

Choose a place near a university or college, because there will always be a need for housing near universities and colleges as long as students continue to commute to campus.

Possibility of growth in value – Investing in real estate in a revitalizing neighbourhood may pay off handsomely if the neighbourhood recovers as planned. If the property is expected to go up in value over time, your rate of return will go up by a lot.

Lastly, if you want to become a landlord, you should learn as much as you can about buying rental property management

Industrial Real Estate

Despite the pandemic’s difficulties, the industrial real estate market is booming. People turned to online grocery stores and e-commerce sites in greater numbers during times of heightened security. Demand for a variety of areas in the industrial real estate market has surged as a result of this upswing.

space-consuming logistical warehouses with a lot of square footage.

Investment in industrial real estate in 2022 seems like a good idea, as the market’s vacancy and rental rates are both low.

Should commercial real estate investors invest in 2022?

Landlords that are interested in commercial real estate investments in 2022 should keep a few things in mind. Significant vacancy and rental numbers require one of two approaches.

It would be wise to put money into commercial or multifamily real estate given that their respective markets are showing signs of improvement.

If you want to invest in commercial real estate, you should know that businesses’ needs are always changing and be ready to repurpose or change your buildings to meet those needs.

Commercial real estate investors in 2022 should study the current market and industry outlook before making any major purchases.

Consult a property manager for better investment advice.


While the housing market as a whole has been slow to recover since the pandemic, there are bright spots. In contrast, the office and retail real estate markets continue to struggle, with little evidence to suggest that demand for these types of properties will improve in the foreseeable future. To be successful as a commercial landlord in 2022, you’ll need to think outside the box when it comes to properties in these areas.

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