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Top 4 security measures for landlords to retain their tenants

You can save money on operating expenses every month and increase your property’s market value by investing in better security measures. Keep reading for four security recommendations that will help you keep tenants and increase your income.

Invest in security Your Tenants Care About

If you’re a landlord thinking about upgrading your property’s security, you need to hire a property management company to make sure your new measures actually benefit your tenants. Your property’s value will drop and your chances of keeping tenants will rise if you add security measures that make tenants’ daily lives more difficult and uncomfortable.

Prioritizing ease of use is essential while deciding on the finest security measures for your home. Do you need it to be easy for renters to get inside the building? Your renters probably want to know if they can use their smartphones to manage the building’s security. The return on investment (ROI), the number of long-term tenants (LTM), and the market value of your building will all grow if the security technology you chose enhances the quality of life for your LTMs.

Electronic Door and Intercom Locks

Smart intercoms and door locks are one of the best investments a landlord can make. With a smart door lock, property managers may lock and open entrances from anywhere with internet access. Tenants can be given this capacity to secure and unlock their units from anywhere using a mobile device. If you leave your house and don’t double-check to be sure you locked the door, it can be a source of undue stress and worry. You can assist in alleviating your tenants’ security concerns by allowing them to handle their home’s security systems remotely via mobile devices.

Permission Cards for Mobile Access

If you install an apartment intercom system, you won’t need any more keys, fobs, or other forms of electronic entry. Tenants may be inconvenienced by the time and money it takes to replace their lost keycard or fob. Instead, you can use mobile credentials to regulate who enters a building.

Mobile credentials allow users to gain access without having to physically submit their phones to a reader. Wave your hand in front of the reader, and it will unlock the door via Bluetooth connection to their phones. To prevent the transmission of germs on buttons and keypads and to provide faster and more convenient access, Bluetooth-enabled entry is touchless.

Verification of Identities

The potential for an intruder to obtain access credentials and use them to enter the building illegally is a major hole in any access control system. The high-definition video that is integrated into a video intercom reader makes it possible to check visitors’ identities before they are admitted to the facility. Tenants who have misplaced their access device and are unable to get entry to the building can use the intercom to get in touch with you. In order to remotely unlock the door for a tenant, you can examine the video to make sure they are who they say they are. The quicker tenants can get back in, the less at risk they are when locked out, and the more streamlined the procedure for replacing lost access devices may be.

Use Cloud-Based Video Technology

You and your renters can get better access to security data from anywhere with cloud-based video surveillance. Viewing the live stream from the security cameras is a simple way for you or your tenants to keep tabs on the property management while you’re not there. Your tenants will no longer have to worry about parcel theft because they can track their packages online. You and the management staff of the building will be able to respond faster to security incidents and conduct investigations into security risks without having to visit the site physically.

Integrate Security Technology

When you invest in a cloud-based security solution that has open API interfaces, you may create a unified security infrastructure. Among the most useful additions to a building’s security are:

Access control and video surveillance 

Identity verification can be facilitated by installing a video intercom reader or combining video surveillance and access control. Your security staff will be able to quickly verify identities with the help of both access logs and a live video stream.

Smart building technology 

For cutting-edge facilities management, connect the building’s security system to the Internet of Things. By basing building management triggers on access control events, for instance, you may reduce energy consumption and monthly operating expenses. When a tenant walks into a room, the lights and other electronics there will automatically turn on. The equipment will turn off as soon as they leave.

Visitor management 

Automation of visitor registration via mobile devices is made possible through the integration of visitor management software with access control. Registered guests are granted temporary access credentials allowing them to enter the building. Signing out of the system happens immediately after they leave. Avoiding the need to pay for a full-time receptionist force by using this software is a huge money saver.

Wrap up!

Tenant satisfaction should be a top focus if you’re looking to improve the safety of your rental homes. Attract and maintain renters more rapidly by enhancing tenant convenience and protecting the building with cutting-edge security systems. With the help of automation, security technology can potentially increase the value of your property.

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