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People who are not aware of how delicate it is to rent a home. They generally look at that owner get paid at the end of the month. But they do not notice the time, money, and effort spent on it to obtain the potential result of their investment.

In fact, every owner must be careful with the choice of their tenants, be prepared to manage incidents, carry out the necessary maintenance works or deal with possible non-payments, among other things. Come on, renting an apartment is not exactly sewing and singing!

If you have ever thought ‘I wish there was someone who takes care of all my properties, so that I can get paid and that’s it, you may be interested in the rental management service. The rental property management service in London helps you forget about all the problems and always charge at the end of the month. In addition, a guaranteed rent scheme is offered by the property management service in which the property owners get guaranteed rent at the end of the month (whether the tenant pays or not). We explain it in the following table:

Management of incidents, finding tenants, preparation of the lease, defaults, repair, collection of rent, maintenance and conservation worksHouse Manage Property manager manages all your problems.You need to just see improvement of your propertyYou just collect a return on investment.

The Rental Property Management Service stems from the traditional asset management services, aimed at those large investors who need experts to manage their assets on a day-to-day basis and guarantee their security. The success obtained with wealth management has inevitably led to exporting this concept to investors with smaller assets and, at HouseManage, we have decided to dedicate the same attention, care, and professionalism to those who have a rental property, apartment as someone who has a hotel. At the end of the day,  every owner, however large or small his assets maybe,  wants security for his investments and reaps the rewards at the end of the month.

For those who decide to hire an expert in property management, property management companies in London, such as HouseManage offers them the attention of an expert, who, in addition to keeping you constantly informed and alert to your needs, will take care of:

  • Personalized management strategy;
  • Insurance contracting;
  • Marketing for rent;
  • Conflict management with the tenant;
  • Guaranteed Rent 
  • Preparation of maintenance budgets.

Property management companies help owners in finding potential tenants, managing incidents and non-payments and carrying out the necessary maintenance without having to bother you. Whenever a client wants, he/she can call the property manager and his duty is to inform him each and everything the client wants to know. 

A professional property or rental manager will always be available to take calls, filter, and keep the good ones and, of course, will be there to show the property to whoever needs to see it. The same goes for incidents. For example, If your tenant’s washing machine breaks down, the property manager’s responsibility is to take care of solving the problem without disturbing you.

What is the benefit of hiring a Property Management service for Your Rental Property?

  1. You will have security, support, and guarantees;
  2. Because you will have the best property management company in London that manages your investment;
  3. Because you will simplify your life by avoiding having to resolve conflicts with tenants;
  4. Because the non-payment insurance will guarantee you have your money at the end of the month, whether or not the tenant pays;
  5. Because your apartment will always be in good condition;
  6. Because it is a 100% successful service.


In short, the Property Management Service is designed so that every investor, large or small, can enjoy the fruits of their property, minimizing risks and maximizing profits, thus having a safe and stable rental.

If you want more information regarding property management services, you can ask us freely.

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