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Effectively Resolving Tenant Complaints: Six Things You Can Do

Tenants assume that their landlord is aware of their responsibilities, such as providing a safe and habitable space, just as landlords anticipate certain things from tenants, such as timely rent payments. Landlords are responsible for a wide variety of tasks beyond just collecting rent and meeting their legal responsibilities; they are also frequently called upon to undertake routine maintenance and disputes.

Different types of tenant complaints exist. Protecting your rental business and your property over the long term requires continuous attention to a wide range of challenges, from routine maintenance to pest infestations, from noisy neighbours to faulty appliances.

Property management is a daunting task. No matter how well you manage your property or how diligently you operate your business, you will inevitably have to deal with some sort of complaint at some point. No matter how long you’ve been a landlord or how many properties you’ve managed, you must always be ready to deal with tenant complaints and conflicts. In order to make dealing with them as easy and stress-free as possible, here are some suggestions.

Create a framework for your expectations

Complaint avoidance relies on complaint prevention. Before taking on a new tenant, a good landlord lays out the rules so that everyone knows what is expected of them. Your tenants’ tenancy is more likely to go smoothly if they are well-prepared and know what to expect when they move in. This can be accomplished by furnishing them with written materials that fully describe the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Make it a priority to familiarize yourself with and stay up-to-date on the local housing regulations. In a perfect world, you would take into account everything from the rent amount and payment schedule to the start date of the lease and any additional conditions such as a smoking ban, occupancy caps, and pet policies. You and your tenants will be bound by the terms of the agreement and will have something to refer back to in the event of a dispute.

Activate the free flow of information

As a landlord, the ability to actively listen to tenants is a must. Consider your tenant’s feelings and try to understand the situation they’re in. In the event that any renters have any concerns, make sure you are easily accessible and encourage them to voice them. Make sure you can satisfy their request by giving them a number to call during business hours. And in case of a true emergency, make sure your tenants know what to do and who to contact by having a well-thought-out emergency plan in place.

Manage the situation with competence

Landlording is a profession; as such, it requires serious attention to detail. Make an effort to maintain your composure and approach the situation with a positive frame of mind. Maintain your composure even if your tenant is agitated or stressed out; losing your cool will only make the situation worse. Maintaining your cool in the face of reprisal will serve neither you nor your business well.

Assure your tenant that you will take care of any maintenance or pest control issues immediately or that you will contact a repair service. Put in extra effort to ensure the safety of your renters. Having open lines of communication and listening to each other’s perspectives can help solve many conflicts. Your chances of finding a satisfactory solution to the issue improve if you show empathy and compassion. A proficient property manager can help you to handle property-related problems.

Keep up a quick turnaround time

The time it takes you to respond to a complaint after receiving it is a significant consideration. Ignoring your tenant’s worries will only result in additional arguments. You should be able to resolve the issue in a reasonable amount of time, regardless of its severity. Noise complaints, such as those about noisy pets from neighbours or excessive partying, necessitate prompt communication with other residents, an investigation, and corrective action. A broken towel hook in the bathroom, on the other hand, might be put off until tomorrow.

The purpose is to maintain happy renters and secure premises. Tenants who are pleased with the services they receive from the landlord are more likely to remain in continuous occupancy, which can save the landlord both time and money. Tenants will see that you care about them and have their best interests in mind if you respond to their concerns quickly.

Perform regular upkeep on the property

The safety of your tenants depends on your diligence in monitoring ongoing maintenance issues and attending to other aspects of the building. You should also work to enhance the property’s visual appeal by making changes like installing a shared lounge room or gardening on a small plot of land.

If you’re a landlord, you know that you must maintain the property so that it’s fit for human habitation. Consequently, it is imperative that landlords ensure that tenants have constant access to amenities like running water, power, and a tidy living space. Plus, if you take preventative measures, you won’t have to worry about receiving a complaint from a tenant about something breaking or bugs getting into the house.

Get in touch with us for assistance

House manage is the best property management company. Our professional can help if you’ve tried everything else to address the problem on your own without success. We have the training to help you and your renter find a solution that works for everyone.

Typically, we will arrange a meeting between you and your renter in which both of you will have the opportunity to voice your concerns to someone who is not emotionally invested in the situation. Each side is allowed an equal amount of time to speak. We will record it in writing and make implementation recommendations. If you want to avoid going to court but still settle an issue in an informal manner, House manage is a great choice.

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