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The key to a landlord’s success is keeping their tenants

Renting a home can be stressful for a variety of reasons. In the end, it adds even another layer of mystery to an already complex universe. Similarly, a good renter is something any landlord hopes to keep for as long as feasible. Tenants and landlords may seek out insurance brokers for protection against the unknown, but harmony is desired by all.

We understand the difficulty involved in the tenant selection process. For this reason, let’s discuss the three C’s of retaining residents.


Good tenant-landlord relationships are built on open lines of communication. Keep in mind that people’s ordinary frustrations are compounded by the uncertainty of the outside world. The best way to avoid misunderstandings is to spell out your expectations clearly, both verbally and in writing, and to invite your tenants to come to you with any questions or concerns.

Open up and tell the truth

 When information is freely shared, it reduces tension and makes people feel more at ease. The knowledge that the building’s management is being handled by a third party relieves them of that responsibility. It also shows that you’re a considerate and reliable landlord.

Smart property managers keep their renters informed about building rules, unplanned changes, and repairs that are coming up. From your end, you can reach out via a variety of methods. You can use an app’s built-in notification system, a social network page, a website with a news and announcements section, or even just email. These are all easy ways to improve tenant relations and overall satisfaction. 

It’s true that anything can go wrong on the property at any time, so it’s important to be emotionally (and financially) ready for everything. Still, you should try to fix the problem as soon as possible and let the neighbourhood know what’s going on between a landlord who cares about his tenants. 

To Act in a Responsive Manner

Even if you implement a notification system to get the word out, your tenants shouldn’t be prevented from getting in touch with you personally. Increasing the quality of your interactions with others requires taking the initiative to make yourself approachable and responsive.

You can appear more approachable to requests and complaints by providing a contact page on your website or app, checking social media messages regularly, and providing a phone line for urgent communications. While doing so, you’ll get to know the locals better and be better equipped to solve any problems they may be experiencing.

Promote participatory dialogue

Gathering resident feedback is great, but getting them to leave their thoughts online is much better. Using ratings to sway public opinion is a highly effective strategy for increasing the number of apartment complexes you own or decreasing the percentage of vacant apartments in your existing properties. Whether on your own domain, a social network profile, or an external review site, you can enable the star rating and feedback system.

Use the Opinions of Former Tenants

Different things motivate people to uproot their lives and migrate. Tenant turnover is inevitable, regardless of how great your building and properties are or how great a landlord you are. Even if you’ve been gathering a lot of data from them throughout their residence, people tend to be more honest in an exit survey. If you’re looking to attract better tenants, organizing one can assist. It’s kind to the departing person and shows you value their input even after they’ve left the building.


Property management is complex because of all the factors involved. While it’s appreciated when people are kept up to date on adjustments, maintaining security and cleanliness should continue unabated. The tenant is just another customer in today’s consumer-driven economy. Your building’s amenities are one of the factors they consider while deciding on a community. They do demand first-rate treatment as a payoff for agreeing to work with you.

Standardized Building Employees

Tenants appreciate the continuity of service provided by consistent personnel. It’s a great approach to make sure everything gets done the same way every time. Cleaning the entrance by the same person on a regular basis lets tenants know what to expect from you. This will help establish your trustworthiness as a landlord. The cost of maintaining an in-house cleaner can quickly add up. That’s where outsourcing comes in. There are two possible outcomes here. Find a freelancer or an outsourcing firm. While working with a freelancer could mean saving money, organizations typically guarantee better reliability. Small adjustments can make a big difference for your residents, whether you outsource the work or hire your own personnel. In order to provide uninterrupted service, you should remember this.

Upkeep Preparation

While experts will need to be brought in for major repairs, a regular team should be in place to handle smaller concerns and checkups. Time, money, and stress can all be spared if a problem is discovered before it causes a disruption in the system. Having your technology regularly checked might help you catch problems before they become major headaches for you or your tenants. Tenants’ desire for safety and stability will be bolstered. 


People are always on the lookout for safe places to live. If the building you’re responsible for is located in a relatively secure metropolitan area, count yourself lucky. Nonetheless, you can still guarantee a sense of protection within the edifice, even if the crime rate in the community as a whole is high. Cameras, motion detectors, and well-placed lighting can provide residents with a greater sense of security than a full-time security force would. However you choose to do it, consistency and safety are two additional cornerstones of client retention.


Most people are more likely to improve as tenants if they feel a sense of community and are contributing members of the building. Perhaps it is a well-kept secret, but tenants dislike high turnover rates as much as landlords do. Relocating is a major hassle that can throw your life out of whack. It can be taxing for families, especially if they are relocating for reasons beyond their control, to look for a new place to live and settle in. This is especially true for families with young children, for whom finding a welcoming and supportive neighbourhood can feel like a life-or-death quest. We have already discussed the professionalism, accessibility, and reliability of your service; now let’s talk about the human element. Even if you have the most cutting-edge amenities available for tenants, if they don’t feel like they’re part of a community, it won’t matter. It’s good to feel like you’re part of a community while looking for a new place to call home, yet the degree of warmth you provide will depend on the demographics you’re trying to reach. In the end, it’s the residents and the landlord who contribute to that “at-home” sense. You may show your customers you care by offering discounts or freebies on their renewal dates, remembering their birthdays or anniversaries, or connecting with them on a more personal basis. Tenants who get a taste of gratitude are more likely to stick with the lease for the long haul.

What’s it Like to Live in Your Building?

The bottom line is this: Would you want to be a tenant in the building you manage? Keeping an objective mind when thinking about a building’s finances, cracks, and maintenance difficulties is challenging. Hire a property management company. Listening to feedback on your performance on the job is challenging. A simple mental exercise is what we suggest. Consider yourself a potential tenant and enter the building without any preconceived notions. Check your own questions regarding the building’s curb appeal, ambience, cleanliness, maintenance schedule, and anything else tenants might bring up. Search for areas that could use some attention, and then get to them. Keeping residents longer is possible with some introspection and the right resources.

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