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How London Landlords Can Save Energy and Money: Practical Tips for Efficiency

Many of London’s private landlords prioritise improving the energy efficiency of their rental properties in order to attract and keep the best tenants. Energy costs as a percentage of total bills have risen dramatically as a result of recent price hikes. Reduced carbon emissions and lower operating costs make energy-efficient rental homes more desirable to tenants, which is good news for landlords in the short and long term. There is a lot you can do to help your tenants in central London by making your buy-to-let flat more energy efficient. 

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

To be eligible for an assured or regulated tenancy in the London, a private residence must have a valid EPC rating. The lifespan of an EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate, is 10 years. Properties with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of less than E cannot be rented out or sold in London because of the government’s Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) regulations. Before renting out a building with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of F or G, the owner must either make the required upgrades or apply for an exemption. House manage, the best property management company can facilitate this on your behalf if you are a private landlord or if you have a property for sale in the heart of London. You should be aware that by 2030, the government intends to raise the minimum acceptable rating to the C range.

Adding more insulation to homes

Statistics show that uninsulated homes lose about a third of their heat. Heat escapes primarily through the roof, windows, doors, and walls. The EPC rating and the occupants’ comfort can both benefit from insulation upgrades in these spots. It is recommended that leaseholders of modern London apartments for rent equip their homes with thick, interlined curtains and/or thermal blinds to prevent heat loss due to draughts. To get the most out of your efforts, draught-proof all of your doors and windows at once using adhesive draught-proofing tape or brush draught excluder strips.

Installing double glazing

Double-glazed windows and doors are an excellent long-term investment that will increase the value of your rented flat in London and provide instantaneous benefits in the form of a cosier home and lower energy bills if you are making energy efficiency upgrades. If you are a lessee or the owner of a property in a conservation area, you should check with your local planning authority to see if any special permits are needed before making any changes. It’s possible you’ll have to settle for secondary glazing.

Improving the Building’s Heating Infrastructure

It is recommended to replace gas boilers every 15 years or so, as an inefficient heating system can be costly. Installing a modern, energy-efficient boiler in your rented London flat will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and heating costs. Installing solar photovoltaic panels on a home’s roof can generate energy, reduce utility costs, and boost the home’s resale value. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme may provide you with money to install an air-source heat pump, which is another fantastic renewable energy option.

Making changes to conserve energy

Landlords in London have a lot of options for increasing the efficiency of their rental properties in terms of energy use. For more information on ECO (Energy Company Obligation) funding and other energy efficiency grants that may become available, you can contact one of the best property manager in London. There is no reason not to go above and beyond what is required by the MEES regulations and make your buy-to-let property a warmer and more comfortable place to live for your tenants.

Smart Metre Installation Request

By pairing a smart thermostat with a smart metre, homeowners can manage their home’s temperature, energy consumption, and monthly costs. When people can put a price on their wasteful habits, they are more likely to alter them. Automatic transmission of real-time metre readings to the energy provider whose metre is installed streamlines the process of taking accurate readings at the beginning and end of a tenancy.

The use of LED bulbs

Transforming the light bulbs in your rental property from incandescent or halogen to LED is a simple task with significant long-term benefits. A single LED spotlight can last up to 10 years before it needs to be replaced, and LED bulbs can save up to 90% more energy than traditional light bulbs. They may be more expensive initially, but over the long run, they will save you money.

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