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Managing Neighbour Disputes: A Guide for Property Management Companies

Buildings are no exception to the rule when it comes to the possibility of neighbour disputes. Close quarters with people from different walks of life can inevitably lead to friction and arguments. It is imperative for property management companies to foster an amicable community and aid tenants in amicable dispute resolution. 

Here is House Manage’s, a property management company offers a comprehensive guide to handling neighbour disputes, as we are experts in mediation and conflict resolution:

The Importance of Knowing Why Neighbours Fight

Flat complexes are home to a diverse population with varying work hours and interests. It’s easy to upset the neighbours by doing something as harmless as coming home late or having young children. The final straw in a long line of annoyances is often what finally pushes someone over the edge. A more effective response to conflicts can result from taking these considerations into account. Because of our extensive background in managing properties and mediating disputes, our residential property management company is well-equipped to assist you in this challenging area of property management. 

Avoiding Minor Conflicts with Neighbours

While it’s impossible to predict how other people will act, taking preventative measures can help keep conflicts to a minimum. Maintaining low noise levels is important because they are a common cause of arguments. Think about using soft flooring, choosing furniture that won’t scratch the walls, and keeping doors from slamming. It’s also polite to let neighbours know in advance about any loud events or construction that might affect them. Learn the rules regarding pets, noise, decorations, and parking in your lease so that you don’t break them unknowingly. Getting to know your neighbours and participating in a Residents’ Association, if one exists, can do even more to promote harmony in the neighbourhood.

Help for Renters Dealing with Difficult Neighbours

Clarifying the problem and checking your lease for potential violations are good places to start if you’re having trouble with a neighbour. Think about whether or not you can reasonably expect someone else to comply with your demands and adjust your expectations accordingly. Many times, the offending neighbour has no idea they’ve offended anyone, so having a calm, face-to-face conversation is the best way to get things back on track. However, you should only initiate conversation if you feel comfortable doing so. If the problem persists and the neighbour is uncooperative, you should get in touch with the building’s management. A good property manager will listen to your complaints and then contact the offender directly, usually in the form of a polite letter that allows you to maintain your anonymity if that is what you prefer. If your property manager isn’t providing enough help, you can always talk to the freeholder about switching companies.

Complaint Escalation

Other options can be explored if the offending behaviour continues despite previous attempts to resolve the issue or if it escalates into aggressive or criminal behaviour. Noise issues can be reported to the local government’s Environmental Health department, which may issue warnings or even criminal charges. The strength of your case can be increased if you keep a noise diary or record evidence. It may be necessary to call the police if an assault or harassing behaviour has occurred. Hiring a lawyer to look over the case is an option, but doing so should be carefully weighed due to the financial and emotional investment required.


In most cases, neighbourly harmony requires thoughtfulness on both sides. The lease has safeguards in place for everyone living there, including rules and responsibilities. If you need help, it’s a good idea to contact your residents’ association, building manager, or property management company. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you need it. House Manage is here to help in this difficult area of property management because of our wealth of experience managing properties and resolving conflicts. Visit our site at your earliest convenience to find out more about the property management services we offer.

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