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What services do Property Managers offer?

Landlords and property owners need property managers when they are unwilling and unable to manage their own property.  Services such as tenants hiring, repairs and maintenance, rent collection, marketing, inspections, and much more are the services offered by property managers. Before understanding in detail about the various services Property Manager offers, let’s start from the basics.

What is a Property Manager?

A property manager is a person or individual who manages the property by performing day-to-day operations. Property owners and landlords hire property managers to get various services related to their property management. In addition, the property manager is responsible for maintaining the property, advertising, filling vacancies, negotiating, and enforcing leases.

What Does A Property Manager Do?

Property Managers work according to state and city regulations. They also answer calls about the various issues of tenants such as broken dishwashers. Property managers protect your investment while ensuring that your passive income always stays positive. If you find a professional or experienced property manager, he can save your money and time.

What are the services Property Manager offers?

You can consider a list of services property managers offer to their clients. After hiring any property management company in London, you may find that these are the common services they offer. Let’s have a look at the Property Managers services list:-

Evaluation of property to determine rental rate:

The property manager’s service includes detailed documentation. In addition, they offer recommendations for repair and renovation to increase its ROI. Property managers also decide rental rates by researching and discussing pros and cons in all aspects.

Market the property for rent

Marketing is essential for renting a property to get faster results. Before marketing, the property manager prepares the home for rent by cleaning it. They are also responsible for creating ads through the mediums such as

  • Paid and free rental listing websites
  • Print publications
  • Signs
  • MLS
  • Filers

Property Managers also do field calls and answer the queries and plan viewings, Collection applications with the application fee.

Tenant Screening and Selection

Another service that the Property manager provides is tenant screening in which they check and verify identity, rental history, etc. Grading to the tenant according to criteria and informing tenants about the selection process.

Tenant Move-In

In case of tenant move-in, the property manager draws up a leasing agreement and confirms the move-in date with tenants. However, the property manager also reviews lease guidelines and ensures all agreements have been properly executed. They have to perform a detailed move-in inspection with tenants and collect security and rent for the first month in advance.

Rent collection

Property management is responsible for collecting rent from the tenant. Some of the other services include hunting down late payments, sending out pay or quit notices, enforcing late fees, and much more.


Property Manager services also include legal advice in case of a legal dispute or litigation the landlord is facing. The property manager should understand the latest local, state, and federal legislation which will be beneficial in renting and maintaining rental properties.


Inspection is the necessary element needed to manage the property. Therefore due to the busy schedule of Landlords, they need property managers for regular inspections to look for repair needs, safety hazards, code violations, lease violations, and much more. With this, the property manager’s service includes preparing and sending inspection reports to the property owner.

Financial:-Other services of the property manager include accounting, making payments on behalf of the owner such as Mortgage, insurance, dues, etc. The property manager prepares detailed documentation of expenses with receipts. It includes maintenance of historical records, preparing annual reporting for tax purposes

Maintenance, Repairs, and Remodeling

One of the most important services managers performs is a house maintenance crew. Some of the other maintenance services include:-

  • Establish a maintenance policy to deal with repair and maintenance needs.
  • Provide a network of experienced contractors for maintenance at a good price and quality.
  • Maintaining and monitoring 24-hour for emergency repair
  • Work on renovations to maximize rental income. In addition, estimate the preliminary cost of maintenance and discuss it with the property owner.

Tenant Move Out

In the case of tenancy move-out, the property manager inspects the property condition when the tenant moves out. Return the balance of the security deposit to the tenant. Further property manager proceeds with the cleaning of the unit and marketing for the property.

These are the various services performed by the property manager to manage the property. Now it may be clear to you what services you will be offered through your property manager. For more information regarding services for property management in London, you can contact us freely.

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