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Are you the owner of one or more properties and want to obtain maximum performance while minimizing efforts and expenses? Oftentimes, managing a property lease is a hassle as instead of being a source of income it often becomes a waste of time and a headache. Today we are going to talk about the role of the property manager. 

Hiring the services of a property manager may be the solution you are looking for. Next, we will explain to you what are the main functions of a property manager and the advantages of hiring their services. 

Roles of a property manager 

A property manager is a professional who usually carries out the procedures related to the rental of the property, from the first steps in the commercialization until the departure of the tenant and the search for new tenants. Specifically, the services of these professionals are often classified into three groups, depending on the situation in which the property is being leased. 

The first of them focuses on the commercialization of the good. It includes all the actions aimed at perfecting a lease under the conditions that the owner considers optimal. For example, the conditioning of the property, advertising through professional photos, or the search and selection of suitable tenants. 

The second group includes all services related to tenant management, including rent collection, incident management, and the repairs and actions necessary to comply with the provisions of the lease and the landlord’s own legal obligations. 

The third group is made up of all those actions and services necessary once the lease has ended. Therefore, when it is necessary to review the property, correct all the existing defects, and carry out all the procedures related to the departure of the tenants. 

Property management Company in London also have knowledge in different areas vital for the administration of the real estate, such as:

Legal and accounting:- By hiring a professional property management company in London you ensure that any conflict related to your property is resolved in a timely manner. In addition to paying bills on time and avoiding penalties.

Maintenance and labor:- It will ensure that there are professionals working for the proper functioning of the property and not someone who will dedicate only the time they can or people not recommended.

Occupation:- Many real estate management companies in London also offer the service of renting your property and thus generating extra income. Like HouseManage, which only charges a commission that is recovered with the benefits of higher rents, and provides peace of mind and recurring income that you are looking for.

 Advantages, Why Hire HouseManage? 

Having a property manager reduces the stress of property management and maximizes profits through efficient property management.

From HouseManage we put at your disposal all our knowledge of the London real estate market offering our clients comprehensive management of property management. Our services include the commercialization and professional advertising through the best portals, the efficient management of tenants and rent of HMO, the management and resolution of any type of incident, maintenance, repair, or necessary reform, the care of vacant properties, and the management of ups and downs of supplies. 

Thanks to all of the above, we make your leased properties not a nuisance and generate continuous income. In addition, we take care that any transition is agile and comfortable for you and for all tenants. Finally, we take care that all your properties are always in perfect condition to be leased. 

The last point to consider is the fees charged by property managers. Normally, companies that operate in the London market usually charge between 8 and 12% of the monthly rent. This reduces the income received by the owners. 

These are just some of the advantages of having a property manager. If you want more information about the services we carry out at HouseManage, do not hesitate to contact us!

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